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Tel: 403-220-7954 
Fax: 403-284-4815

Mailing Address: 
2500 University Drive NW, 
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4 

8:30 am - 10:30 pm

Street Address (Couriers, deliveries etc.):
288 Collegiate Boulevard

Skate Shop:
Tel:(403) 220-7917

Operations: 403-220-7905

Business and Administration Name Email Telephone
Director, Olympic Oval Yves Hamelin 403-220-2948
Manager, Administrative and Business Operations Darlene Kastner 403-220-3009
Associate Director High Performance Programs Long Track Marcel Lacroix 403-220-3352
Manager, High Performance Programs Short Track Eric Bedard 403-210-7950
Associate Director, Sponsorship & Events Lisa Robertson 403-220.7249
Associate Director Guest Services & International Relations Sylvie Tanguay 403-220-5956
Team Lead Guest Relations Ivonne Vargas
Team Leader Sport Activities Robert Porter 403-210-6451
Team Lead Guest Relations Caroline Dubuc 403.220-7654
Team Leader Sport Activities Ian Turner 403-220-6474
Advisor, Sponsorship & Events Robyn Wilson 403-220-3503
Coordinator, Business Operations Suma Joshua 403-210-9571
Specialist, Competitions Technical Systems John Little 403-220-8916
Facility Bookings Kinesiology Karen Delaney 403-220-8510
Specialist, Marketing & Corporate Events David Vink 403-220-5190
Specialist, Communications and Community Events Ryan Ohashi 403-220-2213
Coordinator, Skate Shop James Monson 403-220-7917
Technician, Skate Shop Braeden Elliott 403-220-7917
Operations Name  Email  Telephone 
Manager, Operations Mark Messer 403-220-7889
Team Leader, Operations Cam Macleod 403-220-7087
Coordinator, Facility Andrew Yardy 403-220-3022
Coaching and Support
Name  Email  Telephone 
Coordinator, Oval Program Stacey Polet 403-220-5345
Coordinator, Competitions Gregg Planert 403-210-9481
Coordinator, Competitions Maggie Dekking 403-220-8597
Support Specialist, Competitions Dawn Brown 403-220-8003
Oval Program Coach (Long Track) Todd McClements 403-210-8709
Oval Program Coach (Long Track) Arno Hoogveld 403-220-2514
Oval Program Coach (Long Track) Crispin Parkinson 403-220-2542
Oval Program Coach (Long Track) Mike Ireland  
Oval Program Coach (Short Track)  Alan McIlveen
Oval Program Coach (Short Track) Mengyao Qi 403-667-7656
Long Track Coach, Stage 2 Jeff Kitura  
Short Track Coach, Stage 2 Christine Lazarescu 403-220-2572
Neo-Senior Short Track Coach Joffrey Larocque 587-582-6629

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