About the Oval

What is the Olympic Oval?

The Olympic Oval is a legacy facility of the 1988 Olympic Games. It is a place where Olympic dreams come true and athletes are put in a position to achieve their personal best. An important and integral part of the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Kinesiology; the Oval is a speed-skating facility, a research facility for UCalgary kinesiology scholars, a training facility for varsity athletes and a public facility to serve the university community.  The Olympic Oval is operated by the University of Calgary with the support of legacy partners WinSport and the Government of Canada

World Cup Blur

The Fastest Ice in the World™

The Olympic Oval is hallowed ground. It is the home to the Fastest Ice in the World. One of only four covered 400m rinks in North America, over 300 world records have been set at the Oval in both long and short track speed skating since opening day in 1987. Elite ice technicians and staff continue to take their services internationally as consultants, bringing the Fastest Ice in the World to World Championships, Olympic Games and elite competition all around the globe.

Ice for Everyone

The Oval's 400m ice surface is large enough to fit two international sized ice surfaces within it. On the South ice, an Olympic sized hockey rink is enjoyed by the public and students alike. While the North rink features a board-less, padded short track rink capable of hosting everything from short track speed skating practice to international events.  

Training Ground

The Olympic Oval offers a two-lane 450m track for athletes as well as public running and walking. This, along with the weight room makes the Oval a truly all-round training facility. The UCalgary Dinos take advantage of the facilities high performance development tools to complement their training in a variety of varsity sports such as football, hockey, basketball, track and field and volleyball.