Olympic Oval response to our ICE status and COVID-19

Please find below FAQ's about COVID-19, accessibility, and status updates regarding the Olympic Oval

Important Update: November 27, 2020

Due to recent medical approvals, we are happy to announce that Oval access for high-performance speed skating groups with Speed Skating Canada and the Elite Oval Athlete Pathway will be re-starting on Monday, November 30. Elite Oval Athlete Pathway coaches will continue to support athletes through online training and training program delivery. Coaches will inform athletes with details of their scheduled training times.

By following the new Covid-19 measures outlined by the province that takes effect Friday, November 27, the Oval will allow individual training to proceed for high-performance speed skating athletes. Additional steps must be adhered to, including no coaches present, a mandatory mask policy at all times, even during exertion, and athletes must keep a minimum distance of three metres apart in the facility. Athletes must train individually unless they have an AHS (Alberta Health Services) exemption. Person-to-person contact within the Oval is not permitted at any time while athletes are in the facility. 
For other groups wishing to use the Olympic Oval, we will continue to assess the Provincial restrictions to determine if and how we can provide users with an opportunity to train in the facility.


Q: What is the status of the Olympic Oval?
We understand that our user groups need to know when we will have ice in the Olympic Oval. It is our intent to share the timeline for ‘ice-in’ in the coming weeks. We are working very hard to get you back on ice as soon as possible after a series of failures showing up in the same area of the Mechanical Plant in 2016, and again in 2018. The impact of the pandemic on international travel has also hampered our ability to get experts into the country to help understand the root cause. However, the Olympic Oval team is working hard with its university partners to resolve the issue, and is fully committed to restoring a reliable ice-making capability to the Oval. We thank you for your patience.   

Q: Is the Olympic Oval open?
The Olympic Oval (including Weight Room and Skate Shop and Track) is currently open to high-performance athletes and guests who have made an appointment with the Skate Shop or Olympic Oval staff. Public access, including skating and running, is temporarily suspended.

Q: What is the procedure for COVID-19 for the general public?
You will need to fill out an online Covid-19 screening questionnaire before entering the Olympic Oval.  The Guest Relations team will provide an iPad to fill out the form. This questionnaire is necessary for vendors, partners and guests who have made an appointment only.

Q: What is the procedure for COVID-19 for athletes?
Pre-Screening protocol requires all athletes to fill out COVID-19 questionnaire provided by their respective coaches (i.e. Elite Athlete Pathway, Speed Skating Canada, Calgary speed skating Association, and Varsity athletes). Please consult with your coach to ensure you have successfully filled out the questionnaire.


Q: What hours is the Olympic Oval open? 
The Olympic Oval and Weight Room is currently open daily from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. 

The Oval is open from 8:00-20:00 However, Guest Relations is only available from 8:00-17:30 Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, we are only open to scheduled training sessions but not for regular customer service. We are currently closed on Sundays we are closed.

Q: What hours is the Skate Shop open? 
At present, The Skate Shop is open by appointment only for sales and service. Customers can make service and sales appointments by contacting the Skate shop at (403) 220-7917 or ovalshop@ucalgary.ca.

Q: Where do I change and leave my belongings?
The locker rooms and showers are currently closed. Please arrive in your workout gear and bring any personal belongings with you into the Oval. Personal belongings should be kept with you at all times. Bathrooms are available in the Oval if you want to change there, though this is not recommended.

Q: My on-ice training is suspended. When will it resume? 

Athletes will be notified by email from your respective coach, club or organization. Please ensure your personal and emergency contact information is up to date with them. Once the Olympic Oval is back to operating, we will contact all of our user groups accordingly.


The University of Calgary and the Olympic Oval are carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Canada and abroad.

University of Calgary