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Oval Program Long Track

Admission to Oval Long Track Programs

To gain admission to the Olympic Oval program, athletes must contact Stacey Polet Please note, all applications are subject to approval by the Oval Program Directors. Those who do not meet the necessary requirements are recommended to contact the Calgary Speed Skating Association. Upon acceptance to the program, athletes must complete a formal application, and read and sign an athlete code of conduct agreement which outlines accountabilities and responsibilities of all athletes. All payments received for Oval High Performance Programs are NON-REFUNDABLE and due prior to services being offerred. Please note that the Oval Programs can fill up quickly due to limited coaching staff and available ice times.
Acceptance into the Oval Program is based on on specific requirements defined in our Long Track Elite Athlete Pathway Document.  This document is the result of many months of development in consultation with Speed Skating Canada, Oval Programs and the Provincial / Terratorial Speed Skating Associations and their member clubs. 


We ask that you carefully take the time to read the document in order to understand where you sit with regards to the requirements at the different stages of the pathway.  If you meet the requirements of the pathway, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to assist in the processing of your application.

In the past, many new athletes have relocated to Calgary later in the summer (August).  In the new athlete pathway we recommend athletes arrive and join their training groups for off-ice and on-ice training as early as May/June.  We feel that an earlier relocation allows for a better transition into the training program, more on‐ice technical work and provides an adjustment period prior to the fall semester for those who may also be pursuing post-secondary education. The bottomline is that the more time you have to train alongside your teammates and with our coaches, the better your experience will be with the Oval Program.  This in turn, will help you on your way to attaining your long term goals in the sport.

For more information please contact the Oval Program Coordinator.

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