Oval Long Track Athletes


These are the Athletes and Coaches who make up our Long Track #OvalFamily.

Long Track Stage 4


Jess Neufeld

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB

Highlights: Top 10 1500m Canadian trials 2018, Canada Cup 1000m &1500m medalist 2018, 3rd Allround Canadian Jr. Championships 2013, 2011 Canada Winter Games Short Track Team (Manitoba)

Fav. Pro or Olympic Athlete: Ben Donnelly

Fav. Quote: Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known - Carl Sagan

Long Track Stage 3 (WMN)


Jasmine Chase

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Highlights: Representing Ontario at multiple Canada Cup competitions, 2016 2x Canadian Henley Gold (Rowing), 14th Overall open women`s lightweight single National Rowing Championships 2016

Fav show to binge: Star Trek Next Gen

Fav Non Speed Skating team: West Ham United (EPL)



Kiersten Hagen

Hometown: Burnaby, BC

Fav. Musical Artists: Vance Joy, Mumford & Sons

Fav. Animal: Atlantic Puffin

Fav Quote: That`s a later problem - Kiersten Hagen


Ashley Hannah

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB

Fav. Animal: Black Bear

Fav Song to warm up to: Lost Cause - Black Pistol Fire

Fav Pro or Olympic Athlete: Cindy Klassen

Fav. Musical Artists: Lord Huron, Lumineers, Julien Baker


Sierra Johnson

Hometown: Oakville, ON

Highlights: Played AA Hockey, Championship level Irish Dance

Fav Cheat meal: Sweet potato fries & Chicken Fingers

Thing she can`t live without: Beats Headphones

Fav. Quote: Whenever you`re in a situation, think of me - Grandfather


Cassidy Peterson

Hometown: Canmore, AB

Highlights: Canada Winter Games Bronze medal - Short Track Relay  



Gabrielle Sanson

Hometown: Moose Jaw, SK

Highlights: 2015 Canada Winter Games Silver Medalist; 2016 World Jr. Championships (China), 3x Provincial 200m High School Track & Field Champion (2015-2017)

Fav. Animal: Emperor Penguin or Border Collie

Fav. Non Speed Skating Team: Saskatchewan Rough Riders (CFL), Moose Jaw Warriors (WHL)

Fav Quote: Dreams don`t work unlesss you do. - John C. Maxwell


Olivia Scott

Hometown: Cambridge, ON

Highlights: Ontario Winter Games - Short track

Fav. sports Movie: Rudy

Fav. Non Speed Skating Team: UC Dinos Wmns Basketball (Go Erin)

Fav. Thing her Mum Makes: Roast beef & Yorkshire pudding

Thing she can`t live without: Nail polish


Sara Spence

Hometown: Kamloops, BC

Highlights: Female Athlete of the Year Award

Fav. Cheat meal: Ice Cream

Fav. Pro or Olympic Athlete: Josie Morrison

Fav. show to binge: Gossip Girl


Lily Weidemann

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Fav. Cheat meal: Home made Mac & Cheese

Fav. Song to warm up to: Youngblood - 5 Seconds of Summer

Thing she can`t live without: Coffee


Taylor White

Hometown: Cambridge, ON

Highlights: 2 time Canadian and North American Champ, Bronze medal Canada Winter Games, High School tennis Champ

Fav. Pro or Olympic Athlete: Isabelle Weidemann

Fav. Non Speed Skating team: West Coast Eagles (AFL)



Abbey Young

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Fav. Warm up song: Glow Up - Meek Mill

Fav. show to binge: Friends

Things she cant live without: Nutella

Long Track Stage 3 (MNS)


Max Brant

Hometown: Niagra on the Lake, ON

Highlights: Former U of C Dinos Rower...

Fav. Song to warm up to: SWEET by Brockhampton

Fav. Pro or Olympic Athlete: Kai Verbij


Paul Coderre

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Highlights: 2015 Canada Winter Games... Alberta Short Track skater of the year (2016)...

Fav. shows to binge: The Office, Parks & Recreation

Thing you can't live without: My guitar


Gibson Himbeault

Hometown: Whitby, ON

Highlights: Short Track Juniors

Fav cheat meal: 7/11 Taquitos

Fav. Non Speed Skatig team: Toronto Raptors (NBA)


John Hrynchuk

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB

Fav. song to warm up to: Fall by Eminem

Fav. Cheat meal: Pizza

Things he can't live without: Oxygen, water, food, warmth and a core temp. of 37 degrees


Jonah Hurtubise

Hometown: Aylmer, QC

Highlights: Top 5 America Cup Final Salt Lake City 17-18 (3000m)... Canadian Jr. Cycling Championships 2015...

Fav. Pro or Olympic athlete: Mark Cavendish (cycling)... Rory Mcilroy (PGA)

Fav. Non Speed Skating team: Red Bull Racing (F1)

int veld

Kai int'Veld

Hometown: Zwaanshoek, NL

Highlights: European Champion (Juniors) 1000, 1500 and Allround... Several medals at Nationals


Anders Johnson

Hometown: South Surrey, BC

Highlights: Scored hat trick and GWG in the championship game to the Boston International Midget Tournament

Fav. Pro or Olympic Athlete: My grandfather, Danny Johnson - Captain of the Winnipeg Jets 1974-75

Fav Quote: He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose - Jim Elliott


Simon Koots

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB

Highlights: 2017-18 Intact U of C Scholarship recipient... Team Manitoba Ultimate Frisbee player...

Fav. show to binge: Bojack Horseman

Fav. Pro or Olympic Athlete: John Montgomery (Skeleton)


Matthew Laxton

Hometown: Hespeler, ON

Highlights: Ontario Long Track rising Star Award 2015-16...

Fav. Sports Movie: Rocky 4

Fav. Quote: Don't let your dreams be dreams - Shia LeBeouf


Christian Liebzeit

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB

Highlights: 7th in the 500m Canada Cup 1 in Quebec, 14th Overall... Short Track 23rd overall jr. rank... Top 7 finish in Canadian Jr. Selections #2

Fav. Quote: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. - Mike Reid


Thomas Meline

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Highlights: University World Championship Bronze medallist in 5k relay (short track)... Runner up in French Championship Marathon in Inline Speed Skating (2008)

Fav. Quote: Sans maitrise la puissance n'est rien.


Long Track Stage 2


Alexa Annecca

Hometown: Barrie, ON

Highlights: 2018 Jr. Short Track Provincial Champion... 2017 CACLT in Edmonton (3000m & 1500m gold)... Competed in OFSAA provincials in soccer, cross country and track & field.

Fav. Non Speed Skating Team: Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)

Fav. Quote: Collect moments, not things.


Ian Babulic

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Highlights: 4th in Ottawa Spartan Sprint (2018)

Fav. Non Speed Skating Team: Golden State Warriors (NBA)

Fav. Quote: You do it slow, you do it well, then you can do it fast - Mike Rivet


Noah Bouma

Hometown: Ottawa, ON


Fav. Pro or Olympic Athlete: Georges St. Pierre (UFC)

Thing he can't live without: Burgers


Hannah Brunn

Hometown: Dawson Creek, BC

Fav. Pro or Olympic Athlete: Sophie Schmidt (Soccer), Clara Hughes (Cycling, Skating)

Fav. Quote: We're so busy watching out for what's ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are - Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes)



Rachel Freitag

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Highlights: Ontario LT Female Rising Star Award (2018)... OFSAA provincial cross country partcipant x2...

Fav. Non Speed Skating Team: Ottawa Senators (NHL)

Fav. Cheat Day meal: Pizza and rainbow cookies

Fav. Quote: Road work ahead? Uh yeah, I sure hope it does.


Garrett Gledhill

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB



Emma Javra

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB

Fav. Pro ot Olympic Athlete: Scott Moir

Fav. Non Speed Skating team: Winnipeg Jets (NHL)

Fav. Quote: I am Beyonce, always. - Michael Scott (The Office)


Molly Johnson

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Highlights: Competed in divisional and city championships in track & field

Fav. song to warm up to: No control - One Direction

Fav. Quote: Nothing is impossible. The World itself says 'I'm possible' - Audrey Hepburn


Zachary Lacroix

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Highlights: Canadian age class long track Championships (third - 500m)... Silver in Relay at Alberta Winter Games

Fav. Pro or Olympic athlete: Ichiro Suzuki (MLB)

Fav. Quote: You are entering a world of pain


Zuzana Nedeljakova

Hometown: Calgary

Fav. Pro or Olympic Athlete: Chloe Kim (Snowboarding)

Fav. Quote: You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose! - Dr. Seuss


Eric Orlowsky

Hometown: Prince George, BC

Highlights: BCSSA Jr. Male Speed Skater of the year (17-18)

Fav. Cheat Meal: Carl's Jr. Western Bacon Burger

Fav. pro ro Olympic Athlete: Shaun White

Antoine Parent

Hometown: Ottawa, ON


Fav. Cheat meal: Poutine or Pizza

Fav. Pro or Olympic Athlete: Vincent De Haitre


Matthew Scutchings

Hometown: Saskatoon, SK

Highlights: 2015 Laurie McRuvie (Most Impoved Skater) Award winner

Fav. Pro or Olympic Athlete: Usain Bolt (Track and Field)

Fav. Cheat meal: Ice Cream

Long Track Coaches


Marcel Lacroix

Associate Director, Sport

Birthplace: Montreal, QC

Highlights: Coached at 4 Olympics (1998, 2006, 2010,2018)... Coached athletes to six Olympic Medals... 25 years experience coaching at the Oval... 35 years working in Speed Skating... History degree (Laval)...


Arno Hoogveld

Coach, LT Stage 3 (MNS)

Birthplace: Arnhem, Netherlands

Highlights: Coached Canadian National team World Juniors (2002-2004)... Canadian National team (2004-06)... Internationals (2006-2010)... Canadian National team World Juniors (2010-14)

Justin Warsylewicz

Coach, LT Stage 2

Birthplace: Regina, SK

Highlights: Olympic medalist (Silver team Pursuit - 2006)... 2014 World Junior Champion... 5 years as a coach in the sport.... Coached Canada Winter games, World Junior Championships and the 2018 World Sprint Championships... Science degree (University of Calgary)... Massage Therapy Diploma (Mt.Royal)...