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How your support helps athletes

Watching Olympians at the highest level of competition, it`s easy to think of them as super heroes.

But what did it take to get them there? Where can you help to build the next Canadian superhero?

It takes a lot to help an athlete achieve their personal best, your support can help an athlete in all of these aspects of their life.

  1. Environment

    Champions can come from anywhere, all walks of life and all different circumstances. But no matter where you come from, if you want to be an elite skater, this is the environment you need to be a part of. The Fastest Ice in the World™ is a concept which goes beyond the ice. It is an idea that those who train and compete here at the Oval are guaranteed to train in one of the premier sport facilities of its kind.

  2. Dedication

    Athletes who join Olympic Oval programs are required to be dedicated athletes. Training is nearly year round and during the season can number 5-6 days per week and 1-2+ sessions per day.  We expect the best and hope that they are able raise their level of performance through team work, professionalism, discipline and focus. This is in addition to day to day time constraints our athletes face with school, part time employment and living away from home.

  3. Knowledge

    The Olympic Oval has been providing high performance coaching and training to long track and short track athletes for nearly three decades.  Oval programs were established shortly after the 1988 Winter Olympics when it was identified that there was a  need for high level coaching for both Canadian and international athletes. As a National Training Centre, this is highest level training program of long track skaters in the country.

  4. All the Extras

    The fact is, speed skating is an expensive sport - especially at the elite level. Skates, skin suits, bicycles, training gear and all the essentials to maintain them come at a hefty price. The average skater budgets for roughly $10,000 - $12,000 per season and this is not to mention the financial burdens of cost of living and education for those balancing student life. 

I am extremely grateful for the Oval. This facility, the people and the programs that have found a home here are responsible for my success in many ways.

Jeremy Wotherspoon, World Champion & Olympian

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