Short Track

Short Track Athletes 2022/2023

Elite Athlete Pathway skaters are focused, determined, and hard-working. Get to know each of our long track skaters below.

Short Track Elite Athlete Pathway

Short Track Athletes are built around 4 stages - from club skaters all the way to the Canadian National Team. Stage 2 and Stage 3 athletes are part of the Olympic Oval's Elite Athlete Pathway program.

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Stage 1

Club Level Skaters: Stage 1 is really about introducing speed skating to kids. Clubs from around Alberta work on introducing the sport and building interest for life. Once the kids are at a certain level, they can enter the Oval's Elite Athlete Pathway – Stage 2.

Speed Skating Alberta

Stage 2

Skaters who enter the Oval's Elite Athlete Pathway are part of Stage 1. Stage 1 athletes tend to be in their first or second year of speed skating at an elite level. It is the stepping stone to Stage 3 — building on their base from club skating to eventually getting to Stage 3. It is based on their age and times.

Stage 3

Skaters in Stage 3 are at the highest level of the Oval's Elite Athlete Pathway. They are building on their base to make their way to the Canadian National Team.

Stage 4

Canadian National Team: Stage 4 athletes are part of the Canadian National Team (Speed skating Canada) and train in Calgary and Montreal. These athletes compete around the world and every four years, a team is selected to compete for Canada at the Olympic Winter Games.

Speed Skating Canada Athletes

Feature Short Track Athletes — from left to right — Brendan Yamada, Ben Ward, Wren Acorn and Roger Fulton.

For so many skaters to be able to pursue their education, look beyond skating, and also be able to train at a world-class facility every day is just incredible.

Benjamin Ward

Short Track Skater