Long Track Athletes

Find out about our Elite Athlete Pathway athletes who train at the Olympic Oval

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Long Track Athletes

Meet our skaters

Oval program athletes are focused, determined, and hard-working. Get to know each program stage in the videos below. 

Stage 2

Skaters: Alexa Annecca, Kennedy Charles, Rachel Freitag, Maartje Geuzebroek, Emma Javra, Molly Johnson, Claire Mallard, Zuzana Nedeljakova, Emil Hodzic-Santor, Logan Toblan, Kaeden Witkowski, Mathias Bathe

Stage 3

Skaters: Gabrielle Sanson, Anna Bourgeois, Sierra Johnson, Cassidy Peterson, Hayleigh Bell, Paul Coderre, Garrett Gledhill, Mark Golden, Max Halyk, Anders Johnson, Zachary Lacroix, Christian Liebzeit, Cody Miller, Frank Rother, Gavin Broadhead

Stage 3

Skaters: Abbey Young, Lily Weidemann, Ashley Hannah, Kiersten Hagen, Jasmine Chase, Ian Babulic, Max Brant, Jack Deibert, Marc-Andre Doyon, Joshua Hathaway, Gibson Himbeault, Thomas Meline, Eric Orlowsky, Antoine Parent, Sam Pollock, Matthew Scutchings, Hanno Dahmen

Long Track Coaches

Meet our coaches

The coaches are as much a part of the competition as the skaters. Learn more about our fearless leaders on the ice. 


Coaches: Justin Warsylewicz, Arno Hoogveld, Micheal Ireland, Todd McClements

For so many skaters to be able to pursue their education, look beyond skating, and also be able to train at a world-class facility every day is just incredible.

Anders Johnson

Stage 3 Long Track Athlete