Long Track Athletes 2022/2023

Elite Athlete Pathway skaters are focused, determined, and hard-working. Get to know each of our long track skaters below.

Long Track Elite Athlete Pathway Groups 2022/2023

Long Track Athletes are built around 4 stages - from club skaters all the way to the Canadian National Team. Stage 2 and Stage 3 athletes are part of the Olympic Oval's Elite Athlete Pathway program.

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Stage 1

Club Level Skaters: Stage 1 is really about introducing speed skating to kids. Clubs from around Alberta work on introducing the sport and building interest for life. Once the kids are at a certain level, they can enter the Oval's Elite Athlete Pathway – Stage 2.

Speed Skating Alberta

Stage 2

Skaters who enter the Oval's Elite Athlete Pathway are part of Stage 1. Stage 1 athletes tend to be in their first or second year of speed skating at an elite level. It is the stepping stone to Stage 3 — building on their base from club skating to eventually getting to Stage 3. IT is based on their age and times.

Stage 3

Skaters in Stage 3 are at the highest level of the Oval's Elite Athlete Pathway. They are building on their base to make their way to the Canadian National Team.

Stage 4

Canadian National Team: Stage 4 athletes are part of the Canadian National Team (Speed skating Canada) and train in Calgary and Montreal. These athletes compete around the world and every four years, a team is selected to compete for Canada at the Olympic Winter Games. 

Speed Skating Canada Athletes

Feature Athletes — from left to right — Anders Johnson, Cassidy Peterson, Jack Diebert and Joshua Hathaway.

Anders Johnson
Cassidy Peterson
Jack Diebert
Josh Hathaway

For so many skaters to be able to pursue their education, look beyond skating, and also be able to train at a world-class facility every day is just incredible.

Anders Johnson

Long Track Athlete