Calgarians vote no on Olympic Plebiscite

Statement from Yves Hamelin on Calgary 2026 Plebiscite

CALGARY, AB – Following a 2026 Olympic Plebiscite decision last evening that saw a 56% vote to not support a Calgary 2026 Olympic bid, Olympic Oval Director Yves Hamelin made the following statement today:

From a sport standpoint this is an incredibly disappointing result but there are positives we can take away from this. First and foremost I would commend all of the work done by the Calgary 2026 Bidco, Mary Moran & Scott Hutcheson to ensure that Calgarians had access to as much information as possible regarding this decision. We have confidence that Calgary had all the tools needed to make an informed decision and make their voice heard, which in the end aligns with our values and the values of Calgary 2026 BidCo.

To paraphrase the words of the late Frank King: When you are part of the Olympics, you become a piece of something bigger.  The ‘88 Olympics made us a part of the global community and we take the responsibility of maintaining the legacy and spirit of the ‘88 Olympics here on The Fastest Ice in the World very seriously.  This 2026 process has made us take stock and understand the value of all we have here in this Olympic city and how we stand out on the world stage.

As a city which has 87% of the venues already in place and had plans for 11 out of 13 Olympic events to take place in this community, Calgary is truly unique.  A visit this summer and technical evaluation from the IOC recognized not only the Oval but all of the legacy facilities in Calgary as impressive and well-maintained pieces provided by our Legacy funding, even 31 years later.  Though it is unfortunate that we may not get the chance to show the world that it is possible to put on an Olympic games in a renewed and responsible way, we will continue to remain dedicated to working with the public and those in our community to ensure that we are operating in this manner.

The Olympic Oval has been open for 31 years, both as a high-performance facility and a facility that supports a healthy and active community here in Calgary - a decision such as this does not change that. We will continue to support the community and though our long term capacity will now be diminished, we will continue to provide all of our users with world class experiences to the best of our ability.