Olympic Oval Alumni

Oval Family

Dubbed "Canada's Medal Factory" the Olympic Oval remains a Canadian National Training Centre and for the last 30 years has been home to many of Canada's elite skating athletes, all of whom we are proud to call a part of our Oval Family!

Hall of Champions

The Hall of Champions is a celebration of Canadian speed skating athletes who have trained at the Olympic Oval.

The honour is bestowed on those who are Olympic medalists and are now retired from the sport.

Inductees have their images raised to the Hall of Champions in the rafters of the Olympic Oval.


Susan Auch

2x Olympic Silver medalist - 1994 (500m), 1998 (500m)


Derek Campbell

Olympic Gold medalist - 1998 (5000m Relay)


Kevin Crockett

Olympic Bronze medalist - 1998 (500m)


Kristina Groves

3x Olympic Silver medalist - 2006 (1500m, Team pursuit), 2010 (1500m)
Olympic Bronze medalist - 2010 (3000m)


Clara Hughes

Olympic Gold medalist - 2006 (5000m)
Olympic Silver medalist - 2006 (Team pursuit)
Olympic Bronze medalist - 2002 (5000m), 2010 (5000m)


Jessica Gregg

Olympic Silver medalist - 2010 (3000m Relay)


Cindy Klassen

Olympic Gold medalist - 2006 (1500m)
2x Olympic Silver medalist - 2006 (1000m, Team pursuit)
3x Olympic Bronze medalist - 2002 (3000m), 2006 (3000m & 5000m)


Alanna Kraus

Olympic Silver medalist - 2006 (3000m relay)
Olympic Bronze medalist - 2010 (3000m relay)


Catriona Le May Doan

2x Olympic Gold medalist - 1998, 2002 (500m)
Olympic Bronze medalist - 1998 (1000m)


Tania Vicent

4x Olympic Silver medalist - 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 (3000m Relay)


Jeremy Wotherspoon

Olympic Silver medalist - 2010 (500m)

Christine Nesbitt

Olympic Gold medalist - 2010 (1000m)
Olympic Silver medalist - 2006 (Team Pursuit)

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