Hours and Contact

Olympic Oval hours of operation and contact information

Address and Contact Info

Olympic Oval at The University of Calgary
2500 University Dr. NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4

Courier and Street Address
288 Collegiate Blvd NW

T: (403) 220-7954
T: (403) 220-7890 (*24 hr Info)
F: (403) 284-4815
E: oval@ucalgary.ca


Oval Business Hours

*Please note that hours are subject to change due to operational needs. At present, the Olympic Oval is only open to Speed Skating Canada (SSC) and Oval Elite Pathway athletes for training at this time. As the COVID-19 situation is still ongoing, there is no determined time-frame for re-opening the facility to the general public. We will update our user groups and visitors once Alberta Health Services and The University of Calgary make a decision on re-opening procedures. 

Guest Relations

T: (403) 220-7954
E: oval@ucalgary.ca

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Skate Shop

T: (403) 220-7917
E: ovalshop@ucalgary.ca

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Weight Room

E: ovalguestservices@ucalgary.ca

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Google Maps Location

The University of Calgary

The Oval located on The University of Calgary campus makes its super easy and convenient to find. It's the largest building on campus and a legacy landmark in Calgary.

David Vink

Marketing & Corporate Events Specialist, The Olympic Oval