Brothers of the Wind

Olympic Oval Capital Enhancement Fund

The Olympic Oval is one of Canada’s finest cultural and sporting national treasures, is globally recognized as a world-class venue for high-performance training and competition, and plays a key role as a community and University of Calgary facility. We are in the process of securing funding to prolong the life of the Olympic Oval for the next thirty-five years.

Why Start this Fundraising Initiative?

The Olympic Oval is one of Canada’s most successful sport and cultural heritage and legacy buildings, that has served high-performance sport, university athletes and the sport and recreation community as a venue for training and competition for 37 years. However, the Olympic Oval is in urgent need of renovation. Capital investment is needed to secure the Olympic Oval's long-term future. The Oval is currently positioned as the number one priority on the University of Calgary's Capital Projects list, thus acknowledging the critical need for renovations. The University is actively pursuing Provincial and Federal governments for capital funds.

We have kicked off a private fundraising campaign and a community campaign. Scroll down to see our Gold, Silver and Bronze Silent Auction for some incredible Olympic Oval items including a framed Brothers of the Wind by Robert Tait McKenzie. While we are a small but mighty team, we are seeking your help with this critical initiative.

Scope of the Renovation

The scope of the renovation is to refurbish and modernize the facility. This project will provide a greener and energy-efficient, higher-performing ice plant.

Additionally, with improving the ice quality with a new ice slab — other features will include a much-needed wider access tunnel, a new running track and weight rooms, gender-neutral change rooms, and renovated and more accessible office and VIP hosting spaces. The target is to raise $65m through public and private fund-raising.

Our Alumni

Given your connection to the Olympic Oval and the fond memories you likely have, we are hopeful you share our motivation and vision to secure the future of the Olympic Oval for years to come.  To that end, we welcome your expressions of interest to help us with the campaign. Specifically, we would like to understand if you could help us with any of the following:

  • Let us know if you would like to join us, and your fellow alumni, and get involved in the campaign
  • Provide us with ideas and suggestions on how to engage our community to raise funds
  • Be open to connecting us with people in your networks who could potentially help the Olympic Oval

Please contact Mark Messer, Interim Director, Olympic Oval below.


Why Donate to the Olympic Oval Enhancement Project?

Since the 1988 Olympic Winter Games, Calgary has become the de facto hub of Winter Sport in Canada. It is no small part of the ongoing financial contributions of everyday Calgarians. The Olympic Oval is one of the few Olympic facilities globally that continues to operate decades after its inception, which again is a testament to the contributions, participation and involvement with the Olympic Oval since September 1987.

A 21st Century Sport Legacy

You can be a part of this legacy with your financial donation. Engineering and facility upgrades will ensure a facility that serves Calgarians for another 35 years. It is not only speed skating that will benefit, but multiple sports, UCalgary Varsity Athletics, public skating, running, community events and major exhibitions. 

Donate Today (Oval Capital Fund)

Be a Part of Something Bigger

There are countless examples around the world of communities coming together to build something bigger for the future of their city. The Olympic Oval is part of every Calgarian — and without your support, it would not be possible to continue. This facility stands to be the crown jewel of sport sustainability and legacy at its finest. Join us today with a financial donation to build something bigger. 

Donate Today (Oval Capital Fund)

The Olympic Oval is an incredible example of sport legacy, funding and community integration at its finest. It is critically important to the sport and recreation community of Calgary, our future University athletes, and athletes from across the world that we come together as a community to support the future of the Olympic Oval for the next 35 years.

Mark Messer

Director, Olympic Oval