Indoor Recreational Running

Recreational running is back for the summer! Check the schedule for availability and stay tuned for our Fall/Winter schedule — coming soon.

Schedules and Admission

Running Schedule

Recreational Public Running is now open. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates — #TheOlympicOval.



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Why Run?

So why exactly is running good for you? For starters, running is the king of cardio. Running even five to 10 minutes a day, at slow speeds is associated with a drastically reduced risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Compared with never-runners, regular runners have half the chance of dying from heart disease. Every time you run, you decrease your resting heart rate, so your heart doesn't need to work as hard. So come on down to the Oval — it's the PERFECT location to avoid the smoke from the BC fires and an even better way to beat the heat.

10 More Reasons to Run

  1. Running adds years to your life and life to your years.
  2. Running helps you sleep better.
  3. Running can improve your knees and back.
  4. Running helps you lose weight, and keep it off.
  5. Running improves your immunity.
  6. Running improves cognitive function, and reduces cognitive decline and Alzheimers.
  7. Running reduces risk of many cancers.
  8. Running improves mental health, and reduces depression.
  9. Running improves glucose regulation, and lowers risk of diabetes and pre-diabetes.
  10. Running lowers your blood pressure.

Running at the Olympic Oval

450m Running Track

Athletes, kids, adults, and seniors enjoy running around our track every day. It's incredibly convenient during rainy days and the winter months. It is the only indoor 450m track in the city. Come on down and run at the Olympic Oval. The inner lane distance is 445.9m, and the outer lane distance is 453.5m.

High-Performance Athletes

The 450m Track is also a key training space for Dinos athletes, high-performance runners, marathon runners, and triathletes. 

Running Designations

Every day has different running designations, including recreational fitness training, high-performance interval training, and youth running. Check the RUNNING SCHEDULE to know when each designation is.

Recreational Fitness Training (RF) - For walkers and joggers of all ages, no speed work.

Youth Running (YR) - For runners under 18 years of age, no walkers.

High-Performance Interval Training (HP) - For runners 18 years of age or older. Intervals permitted. Speed-walking permitted.

Running Rules

1. All runners must yield to the Zamboni
2. Please respect all Olympic Oval staff members and users.
3. Run in a counter-clockwise direction only.
4. Slower runners/walkers — please stay to the left lane. Allow passing on the right.
5. Access is limited to the 450m two-lane running track.

Single Entry Pass






Youth Team


Seasons Pass


Adult RF


Adult HP


Under 18




Season's Pass + Parking

Skate/Run Season's Pass + Parking

Adult (18-54)


Youth/Senior (6-17 and 55+)




Skate/Run High Performance + Parking





Having an indoor track of this caliber available to all kinds of users is an fantastic resource, especially during Calgary’s cold winter months.

Mark Messer

Plant Manager, Olympic Oval