Group Skate Bookings

The Olympic Oval is the perfect place to host your corporate, non-for-profit, friends and/or family skating event.

Whether it’s team building, a meeting space or a holiday event to compliment your skate, the Oval is the perfect one-stop-shop for your organization. Bring your friends, family and colleagues to The Fastest Ice in the World™

How to Book Your Skating Event

The Olympic Oval offers Group Skate Bookings around the season* during Public Skating times. The Oval ice can hold hundreds of people and our room bookings are ideal for every customer. 

*Recreational Public Skating season takes place from July to March in a given year. 

Request Date(s)

Pick a date during Recreational Public Skating times.

Skating Schedule

Secure a Room

We encourage you to visit the Olympic Oval and determine if the space meets your party requirements. The Olympic Oval offers two rooms for Group Skate Bookings — the Oval Lounge and Room 54.

Provide Details

In your booking request, please include the following;

1) The number of Adults (18-54), Seniors (55+), Children (5-18) and Children under 5 (<5).
2) Room request
3) Required times


Upon arrival at the Olympic Oval, your group can pay upfront for your guests (cash, debit or credit card). Our staff will issue wristbands to your group to keep track in the event your numbers vary. We can settle any additional or reduced numbers after your booking.

For the Oval to provide free room bookings, the spaces are as-as. However, during the Holiday Season — the Olympic Oval and Oval Lounge are wonderfully decorated for all your festive needs.

Oval Lounge

Capacity: 65 seated
Description: The Oval Lounge is an expansive space that overlooks the long track ice. It includes a balcony, a lounge environment and a small kitchen.

Room 54

Capacity: 65 seated
Description: Room 54 is a University classroom that is located on the ice-level. It is ideal for quick access to the ice and Skate Shop.

The Oval is a fantastic place for our clients. The Oval Lounge and Room 54 offer two great options for bookings and the ice is right there. It's the perfect place to book your event whether it be for family, friends or an organization.

David Vink

Marketing & Corporate Events Specialist — Olympic Oval