The Oval Skate shop has even more products online!

What do you need?

The Oval Skate Shop has a large selection of in-stock products and a huge variety of speed skating equipment. Get an edge, find out why we are the pros!


The Oval Skate Shop has a variety of long and short track blades. All speed skating blades purchased at the shop include bending and rockering at no extra charge.


Speed skating boots are available in-store and online. The skate shop can also stretch out any problem areas your boot has or heat mold your boots for the perfect fit.

Protective gear

Cut-proof gloves and a reliable helmet are a must. The skate shop has many different options and new products are always coming in.


A new skin-suit might be just what you need for your upcoming competition.

Maintenance Equipment

Maybe you like tuning up your equipment yourself and just need the tools to do it. The skate shop has sharpening, bending and rockering equipment available to buy.


Anything from backpacks to laces. All the accessories you'll need for a team or individual are available here.

Oval Merchandise

Water bottles, soft guards, pop sockets, buffs, sunglasses, and more. 

The Olympic Oval Skate Shop carries all the top speed skating products on the market at the best possible prices. We ship across Canada and internationally.

James Monson

Skate Shop Coordinator