Try Speed Skating

Speed skating is an amazing sport. Find out why it might be the sport for you!

How About Speed Skating?

Wondering why you should consider speed skating for your family? Here are some amazing reasons why.

Reasons Why Speed Skating is an Awesome Sport

Speed skating is a sport where you can travel up to 50km/hr. It elevates the heart rate, develops muscle and balance, and builds self-confidence.

Strong Friendships
Speed skating promotes team camaraderie and excellence among individual members, and skaters build friendships with other clubs on the competition circuit. There is a culture of collaboration and respect among skaters.

Coaching for Life
Speed skating coaches foster an environment for personal bests while giving you an edge over the competition. Coaches teach leadership skills for life.

Family Friendly
All ages and genders typically compete at the same meets, which means families don’t have to travel in different directions with their kids.  Many speed skating families say that their family weekends together at competitions are one of their favorite aspects of the sport.

What’s more – in Speed Skating, nobody gets left on the bench!

Benefits of Speed Skating

  1. Builds confidence. When playing a sport, children have the opportunity to show their skills, gain greater self-awareness, and enjoy an activity they love.
  2. Provides consistent exercise. Most kids have too much screen time and not enough hands-on activity. Sport commits your child to regular exercise, which contributes to overall physical health.
  3. Develops relationships. Children build friendships with other children and their coaches, which is a great way for your child to expand their social skills and understand expectations.
  4. Contributes to stronger academics. Children who play sports are more apt to stronger academic achievement. Through sports, kids learn the importance of time management and discipline.
  5. Helps put winning into perspective. This can be a real sore subject for some kids. Participating in sports gives kids the opportunity to gain an understanding of both winning and losing, as well as recognizing the value of a personal best.
  6. Teaches respect. In sports, children learn to respect other authoritative figures including; coaches, referees, and parents, as well as their peers.
  7. Encourages family involvement. Your child is not the only one who will benefit from participation in sports. Moms, dads, and siblings can attend competitions and cheer each other on - providing a bonding opportunity for the whole family.

How Do I Get Into Speed Skating?

Getting into speed skating is very easy. Follow these easy steps to get your child or family member onto the ice.

Find a Club

The first step is to find a club in your area. Calgary has two clubs but if you don't live in Calgary there are 12 great speed skating clubs throughout Alberta. Click on the link below to see which clubs are closest to you.

Find a Club

Contact Your Club and Register

The next step is very easy. Once you have chosen a club - simply contact the club and set up registration. You will need to become affiliated with Speed Skating Canada.


Calgary Speed Skating Association

The Calgary Speed Skating Association trains at the Olympic Oval. They are frequent collaborators and an amazing group of people. If you live in Calgary - please consider CSSA!


Calgary Grizzlies

The Calgary Grizzlies are another Calgary-based speed skating organization training at the Rocky Ridge YMCA and the Olympic Oval. They are frequent collaborators and also an amazing group of people. If you live in Calgary - please consider the Calgary Grizzlies.

Calgary Grizzlies

Coaching Speed Skating

Coaching the 40 kids in our "Learn-to-Speed-Skate" program is fantastic. The kids have so much fun, its energetic and they really learn a lot about this amazing sport.

Lorelei St. Rose

Calgary Grizzlies Coach and Olympic Oval Competitions Coordinator