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Ice-Out Events 2024

Located at the University of Calgary, the Olympic Oval it is the premier space for major sporting events, trade shows, conferences and science fairs. Book your event space today!

2024 and 2025 Ice-Out Event Schedule

Ice-out happens every year during April, May and June. Each year we hold incredible sporting events, shows and fairs. Below are the events booked for the 2024 and 2025 ice-out season.

How to Book Your Ice-Out Event

Check Availability

The Olympic Oval is a popular space for major event bookings. The entire venue is typically available from April thru June each year. Dates books up fast, so please check for availability.

Check Availability

Determine Venue Rates

Please reach out to us to get a quote for your event. Each event is unique, and we have pricing that reflects that. 

What Does my Rental Cover?

The rental fee for the Olympic Oval covers the venue Space Rental (150,000ft²), room bookings, observation decks, locker rooms and loading docks. The Oval does offer bleacher placement at an additional cost.*

*Rentals that exceed one full week have this fee waived.

Sign Agreement

Once your event is approved, a signed agreement with the University of Calgary and an insurance liability certificate are required. The Facility Event Manager will provide you with the details and ensure all documentation is signed and ready before your event. A 50% non-refundable downpayment is also required.

Driven Car Show

Driven Aftermarket Car Show


Chinook Roller Derby

Alberta Provincial Roller Derby Championships

Chinook City Roller Derby

Judo Canada

Judo National Championships

Volleyball Source

US First Robotics

Western Canada Robotics Championships

US First Robotics

Alley-oop Basketball

Alley-oop Basketball tournament set-up.


Calgary Youth Science Fair

The University of Calgary

Building Specs

  • Concrete (128,700 ft²)
  • Rubberized Sprint Pads (22,000 ft²)
  • Total (150,700 ft²)
  • Building Length (235.85m)
  • Concrete Length (198.53m)
  • Floor Space Width (including sprint pads) 80.53 m (69.3m concrete only)
  • Floor Space Length (including sprint pads) 186.53m (181.53m concrete only)
  • Plain concrete
  • Rubberized 450 m running track
  • Rubberized 8 x 110 m sprint pads
  • Light Truss (62 ft)
  • Maximum Height at Centre (85 ft)
  • Roof Design - Clear Span
  • 6 x A-Frame panels (60 amp)
  • 6 x Junction Boxes

Unlimited weight capacity except for over tunnel

  • 200lbs/sqft
  • Maximum Single Wheel Load 5600 lb
  • Maximum Dual wheel load 7900 lb
  • Max dual / tandem wheel load 15,000 lb
  • Permanent Bleachers - 2,000-person capacity (concrete stands)
  • Portable Bleachers: 
    • 1,584 total spectator capacity
    • Layouts are divided into two possible scenarios
    • Each bleacher configuration is 77' wide x 16' (extended) holding 72 spectators
  • West Loading Dock - Height 10’2” x 16’5” Wide

Facility Amenities and Extras

Main Level
Oval Lounge and Boardroom (2 sets of washrooms)
Gender Neutral
Gender Neutral Accessible
3rd Floor Viewing Deck
Gender Neutral

  • 4 Undesignated Locker Rooms (A, B, C, D)
  • 3 Women's Locker Rooms (7, 8, 9)
  • 4 Mens Locker Rooms (4, 4A, 5, 5A)
  • Lounge - 159 dining, 200 non-fixed seats/tables
  • Boardroom - 81 dining, 102 non-fixed seats/tables
  • Rm 54 - 72 dining, 90 non-fixed seats/tables
  • Viewing Deck - 390 dining, 490 non-fixed seats/tables
  • Sprint Pad East/West - (Each) 595 dining, 750 space non-fixed seats/tables

The University of Calgary
Lots 10 and 11 - $9.00

Clients are free to bring in their caterer of choice. The University of Calgary uses Aramark and MacEwan Hall Conference Services as options. We also have preferred vendors for specific events. Please inquire. 

We offer several event-related equipment for use. Please note these are not exact numbers as the Oval shares many of these items with the Faculty of Kinesiology and are subject to moves.

1. Benches (a combination of 6' and 8') (60)
2. Stackable plastic chairs (150)
3. 6' Tables (20)
4. Garbage Bins (25)
5. Recycling Bins (20)
6. 22"x28" coroplast sign holders (15)
7. 11"x17" paper insert sign holders (5)
8. Long Track Bumpers (180)


Please select from the following files for your reference and planning needs.

Oval Main Level

This is a .pdf of the Olympic Oval for reference. If you require an AutoCad drawing, please contact David Vink.

Download Here

Electrical Access

This is a .pdf of our main electrical access points. For a complete breakdown of the Olympic Oval's electrical capacity, please contact David Vink.

Download Here

Emergency Response Plan

This is a .pdf of The University of Calgary's Emergency Response Plan.

Download Here

The Olympic Oval partners with several local hotels near the University of Calgary. For competitions or events, be sure to reach out to our partner hotels to receive the Oval discount. Click on one of the hotels below or learn more here.

Driven Aftermarket Car Show

We have been coming to the Olympic Oval for over 15 years. The space is massive, the staff are amazing, and the show attracts so many people. It's the perfect venue in Calgary to host a show of this size. We can fit 450 cars into the Oval. It's simply amazing.

Mark Seto

Mark Seto

Event Organizer, Driven Aftermarket Car show