Christmas Parties

Christmas Party bookings at the Olympic Oval
November and December of each season

2020 Christmas Party Schedule

The following dates have been reserved for corporate Christmas bookings at the Olympic Oval.

How to Book Your Christmas Party

Date(s) Request

Review available dates and choose a date that best fits your organization's needs. Parties are booked during public skating times. Public skating usually starts at 12 Noon on weekends for these bookings. Available spaces can accommodate up to 150 people.



We encourage you to visit the Olympic Oval and determine if the space meets your party requirements. If space is booked, information is required.

a) Signed agreement
b) Invoicing information
c) Certificate of Insurance Liability for $2 Million
d) Number of attendees
e) Catering information

Event Details

i) Will you be bringing a Santa?
ii) Will you be providing your own catering?
iii) Do you require early delivery of gifts/supplies?
iv) How long would you like your party to run?
v) Do you require parking vouchers?


The University of Calgary has a templated agreement that all companies must sign and place a 50% non-refundable deposit. This agreement will be submitted to University Legal Services for approval. 

The Oval is a fantastic place for many of my clients. With the rooms, spaces, balconies and their massive ice skating surface, it checks off the boxes for so many of my clients during the Holidays. I keep coming back!

Lesley Plumely

Owner and Lead Designer, LP Events