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Welcome back to the Olympic Oval for the 2023-2024 season! The building is once again full of athletes and energy!

Welcome from Director, Mark Messer

Dear Athletes,

On behalf of the Olympic Oval team at the University of Calgary, I would like to warmly welcome you, and thank you, for making the Fastest Ice in the World your training destination.

I know you must be excited to be arriving in Calgary, especially as our building has been granted the title of ISU Centre of Excellence.

The whole Olympic Oval team shares your excitement, and we are highly committed to providing you with truly world-class ice and dryland conditions, that allow you to make the best possible preparation for your next competition.

We are also very proud to be supporting the development of the next generation of champions in both long- and short-track speed skating here in the city of Calgary. The current pandemic continues to impact all our global travel arrangements, so we are thrilled to see you make the trip to the Olympic Oval. We hope you have a world class experience for the duration of your training here, and should you have any questions, inquiries or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact a member of our staff.

Take care and good luck to you in the 2023-24 season!


Mark Messer
Olympic Oval
University of Calgary

Mark Messer

Before You Arrive

Completing these steps will help us to best prepare for your team's arrival and will significantly decrease check-in time at the front desk. 

Complete the Team Registration Form

Please fill out this form with the information of all your athletes and staff. Once completed please email forms to ovalguestservices@ucalgary.ca

Team Registration Form

Complete Your Waivers Online

You can now complete your waiver online in advance of your arrival in Calgary.

Online Waiver Instructions

Let Us Know If You Have Questions

We can help!

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Canadian Pass

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International Pass

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C Group Ice

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Summer Ice


Time Trials

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Long Track Single Competition


Long Track & Short Track Ice Surfaces

Click the button below to view the long track ice schedule

To book short track ice time please contact Jonathan Guilmette (jonathan.guilmette@ucalgary.ca)

Weight Room & Weight Cage

The Olympic Oval is home to a world-class weight room.

Weight Room

Monday - Friday
6:00am - 8:00pm

Weight Cage

Booking inquiries can be directed to ovalguestservices@ucalgary.ca

Olympic Oval Skate Shop

Our experienced Skate Shop Technicians are available to help with any questions you have!

Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday — Sunday 

9:00 a.m. — 9:30 p.m.

9:00 a.m. — 10:30 p.m.

(Open earlier on race days)


Long Track Time Standards (Women)

500m - 41.31

1000m - 1:22.13

1500m - 2:07.44

3000m - 4:28.34

500m - 44.66

1000m - 1:28.67

1500m - 2:17.50

3000m - 4:49.34

500m - 46.20

1000m - 1:31.60

1500m - 2:22.00

3000m - 4:58.70

Long Track Time Standards (Men)

500m - 38.11

1000m - 1:14.73

1500m - 1:54.25

5000m - 6:56.14

500m - 41.18

1000m - 1:20.73

1500m - 2:03.43

5000m - 7:25.09

500m - 42.20

1000m - 1:23.00

1500m - 2:07.30

5000m - 7:45.00

General Resources

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Taxi Companies
Checker Cabs - 403-299-9999
Associated Cab - 403-299-1111

When I say "there's no place like home" and click my heels together, I always end up back at the Oval

Stephanie Griffiths

Team Lead, Sport Partner & Guest Relations