Running Track Trials

Running Track Trials

We are excited to offer monthly races consisting of 5k & 10k distances. These races are free to all skate and run and high-performance season pass holders or $15 for non-pass holders.


1:00 p.m. 

5k Check-in and warm-up

1:59 p.m. 5k Go to the start Call
2:00 p.m. 5k Begins
2:00 p.m. 10k Check-in and warm-up (Sprint pads only)
2:59 p.m. 10k Got to the Start Call
3:00 p.m. 10k Begins
4:00 p.m. End of races


How it works

Running track trials allows you to challenge yourself and to compete with family or friends. We offer track trials once a month until January for 5k and 10k distances. The races will take place on our 450m indoor track. Participants are timed using Velcro anklets, and results will be posted live on our screens. There are no heats, and everyone will begin at the same time. 

Track trials are for anyone of all ages and all running levels. We do have an age restriction on the event of nine years old. However, if someone younger would like to attend, please contact Katie De Boer for an exception. 



Please arrive within 1 hour before race time to complete your check-in and warm-up. Please be no later than 15 minutes early. Warm-ups will be available on the sprint pads. No lockers or change rooms are available, although bathrooms are available for changing and cubbies to store any additional items. For any personal things you would like to lock up, we have small 25-cent lockers available for the public. 


Velcro anklets that track your laps and time.


All participants MUST complete a waiver before attending this event (the waiver is part of the online registration).

Entry Fee

Non-members pay $15.00.

This event is FREE for all Oval Skate & Run and High-Performance Season Pass holders.

Lap Contest Entry Form


Katie De Boer
Guest Relations Supervisor

Contact Katie De Boer

If you are anything like me, you need something to get off the couch. These races are a great way to track and improve your times. It's also a great way to keep fit and have fun.

Katie De Boer

Guest Relations Supervisor