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Join the Olympic Oval’s Digital Coupon Book. Attract Olympic Oval fans into your
business as part of your sponsorship!

Why use digital coupons?

Digital Coupons are an incredible way to promote and sell your product, track customers and engage your audience. Oval Partners can tweak it based on customer response. A business can measure the success of the campaign by tracking how many of the tagged users came in that week. 

The same principle applies to almost any business. Ice cream shop? Offer a two-for-one deal for besties once a month. Fitness studio? Offer your existing customers buddy passes. E-commerce business?

Oval FanSaves lets customers generate their own promo codes to give discounts to Oval Fans—and get their own discount in return. Word-of-mouth marketing is perhaps the most powerful kind of advertising that exists. However, when combined with a digital element, it can maximize your reach.

We market the app to all our Fans and in return, they shop at your business. It's that simple.

Fans Benefit

Fans win because they receive exclusive discounts and deals from brands that are affiliated with our partners.

Businesses & Brands Benefit

Brands offering a deal win because they can track their return on investment and gain valuable customer insights.

Partners Benefit

Our partners are able to retain and acquire businesses, advertisers and members while increasing their sales and value.

How does it work?

Guests (Fans) sign up for an account below.

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How does FanSaves Work?

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FanSaves is our most exciting partnership opportunity yet. With thousands of guests, your brand gets direct access to our entire Fan base. It's slick, modern, data-driven and so much fun.

David Vink

David Vink

Advisor, Marketing & Partner Development